Between July 23-31, 2014 Saluda Sheriff John Perry and deputies arrested ten people as a result of a Methamphetmaine investigation.


Saluda, SC (WLTX)- Saluda County Sheriff John Perry took office in November of 2012, he says he immediately began to identify people involved in the Methamphetmaine epidemic in the county. During the course of 7 days, 10 people were arrested as a result of a month long meth investigation.

"Most of them can spend 50 dollars and make a profit of 500 dollars depending on how they break it down, " said Sheriff Perry.

Sheriff Perry says not only is it cheap to make but the ingredients are at their finger tips. Perry says the sad reality is children are often involved and many times meth users can't quit using the highly addictive drug.

"I have never seen a meth user come clean."

Sheriff Perry says they have been educating their department along with the fire department on meth awareness.

"I want to send a clear message to those who are using or are planning to use or make meth, we will catch you and put you in jail," said Perry.

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