Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Juanita Lendon is the assistant manager of Garners Natural Life, and since she typically works holidays, working on Labor Day isn't anything unusual to her.

"I enjoy it because I usually do holidays because I like helping persons that can't normally get in, so meeting new faces on today is really good", said Lendon.

She says there are some perks to working on holiday. Lendon's managers noticed that most people tend to get their shopping done early, so she gets to close the shop earlier.

"To help associates go home early and spend time with the family," said Lendon.

Debbie McDaniel is the owner of Five Points retail store Revente, and she says that she stays open to give her customers the opportunity to shop when they would usually be working.

"It gives them an extra day to shop other than the weekend. We've seen a lot of traffic today and Five Points is busy", said McDaniel.

With 22 years of experience in the retail industry, taking the day off would only slow her down.

"Five Points is energetic. If I would have been home today I would have probably been in my yard or doing book work. I much rather be down here', said McDaniel.

Christian Smith has been working at Pawley's Front Porch for four years and work ever holiday except Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

To Smith working those days are worth it.

" I mean, I like the money. I cant complain too much" said, Smith.

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