SCE&G says 100 of the 146 construction milestones have been completed at the new reactor construction project at VC Summer Nuclear Station in Fairfield County.


Columbia, SC (WLTX)- The New Nuclear Consortium (CB&I and Westinghouse Electric Co.) says they are behind schedule at the construction site at the VC Summer nuclear plant in Jenkinsville.

"It was really a shock to learn the new reactor project is going to be delayed possibly until 2019 and there are unknown cost increases. I personally think we can expect more delays and cost overruns," said Tom Clements, a nuclear campaign coordinator for Friends of the Earth.

SCE&G says the delay is a result from issues with the timely fabrication and delivery of modules from the Consortium. SCE&G released this statement to News19: "The consortium has not provided us with any updated cost data, and SCE&G has not accepted responsibility for any delay- related costs. So at this point we cannot predict with certainty the extent to which the delays in the substantial completion of the new units might result in increased project costs," said Eric Boomhower, Director of Affairs.

Delays have prompted New York credit rating agency, Fitch, to downgrade the rating outlook from stable to negative.

"Because of this we can expect whatever money they are borrowing in the near future to cost more and they are going to try and pass those costs back on to the consumer," said Clements.

Dukes Scott, The Executive Director at the Office of Regulatory Staff, says SCE&G will prepare a petition asking for modification to the capital cost and construction schedule.

"I do think these delays will cause cost increases and those cost increases, at least some of them... I don't know about all of them, may end up being passed on to the customer of SCE&G," said Scott.

Fitch says they expect to resolve the negative outlook once the new cost estimate and construction schedule is known.

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