Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Blow-up mattresses and cots aren't what you'd normally see in employee offices, but this week workers at local hospitals set up shop to be able to serve the public during a time when most have closed their doors and stayed off the roads.

"Being an emergency hospital, we have to be open and so obviously if there is an emergency a lot of other places are shut down, most places are shut down, and there's no where else to go," said Dr. Courtney Bruner with South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care.

Over the past two days, staff members say there has been an increase in the amount of animals coming in needing emergency care. Dr. Bruner says without the cooperation of the employees willing to stay and work long hours when others couldn't make it in, it would've been hard to handle.

Administrators at Providence Hospital say it was a similar situation in their building on Wednesday, where 112 workers slept over to keep certain departments staffed at the minimum amount needed.

"We are on a skeleton crew but it's almost like we're not because everybody is pitching in to help make this as smooth and the best it can be," said registered nurse Zac Hill. "You kind of play the cards you're dealt, but you do your best."

As the forecast for the second round of the winter mess came in, administration began planning to have enough medical supplies to last 96 hours without deliveries. Hospital officials say though snow isn't common in South Carolina, they have to be prepared for any situation.

"Hospitals are used to emergencies and so we plan and practice for this on a regular basis," said Chief Administrative Officer and System Chief Nursing Officer Stephanie Simmonds. "We go into our emergency management mode, we have a command center and we have assessments that we put in place to make sure that we are always prepared for any emergency."

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