Low Scores:

M Cafe, 1417 Sumter Street, Columbia- 87% "B"

-Complaint of roaches in the restaurant verified by food inspector

-Employee drinks in food prep area

-Dishes stored with food build-up

Red Bowl Asian Bistro, 481 Town Center Place- 71% "C"

-Employees cutting raw chicken on prep tables in back and raw pieces of chicken juice dripping on clean cutting boards

-Fly strips placed over food prep area

Taps, 104 Columbia NE, Columbia- 83 "B"

- Presence of roaches

-Food being held at improper temperatures

-Mold/mildew on ice machine shield

High Scores:

Mattie-Bells, 18 Abrams St., Silverstreet- 100%

Crisp Catering, 208 Duckett St., Whitmire- 100%

Tawanna's Treats, 1492 Executive Court, Orangeburg- 100%

Shakespeare Fish Market, 6301 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia- 100%

Arby's, 10220 Two Notch Rd., Columbia- 100%

Blimpie, 784 Hwy. 378, Lexington- 100%

Paradise Ice, 1627 Main St., Columbia- 100%

Black Bean Company, 701 Gervais St., Columbia- 99%

Burger King, Lexington- 98%

If you would like to file a complaint against a restaurant you can visit THE SCDHEC website and fill out a complaint form. File a Complaint Here

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