Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Thousands of miles away from home, and University of South Carolina Women's Basketball
Coach Dawn Staleywas still doing the same thing--working to help others.

"The whole experience really moved me," said Staley.

Staley spent ten days visiting several African countries with the Clinton Foundation, traveling with President Clinton, his daughter Chelsea, Brooklyn Nets NBA Player Brook Lopez, and other volunteers.

"I think the African culture, they're entrepreneurs. I think they're sponges for knowledge," said Staley of the people she met on the trip.

Staley had traveled to some countries in Africa in the past, but she says this trip was different.

"I was very familiar with just being over in Africa but I just saw a different. The Clinton Foundation visit gave me a different perspective. I was able to kind of get my hands dirty, so to speak, and kind of just touch and feel on the people and kind of get the whole feel of helping. Beause it's a county that if you empower them, their status in the world could change," she said.

During the trip, the group worked with farmers, teaching them how to best utilize the land and resources. They also worked with people setting up and learning more about bank accounts, but Staley says one of the most moving parts of the trip was fitting people for hearing aids with the help of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

"I've seen a lot in my life that very few things touch me in a way that seeing someone who actually hear for the first time...I mean it touched me in such a way because they kind of repeated the sounds that I was making and you could see their faces light up and it was something that will change their lives forever," said Staley.

For her, that spirit of giving back to others that she carried to Africa will continue to guide her back home as well as she continues with her charity Innersole. The non-profit organization works to provide shoes to children in need.

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