Although, the women's basketball team's post season run is over, their fans are still bleeding garnet and black.


Although the women's basketball team's postseason run is over, their fans are still bleeding garnet and black.

"I think, definitely on game days, is a big day for us, we put on a big party for all those events," Carolina Ale House Manager Troy Robinson.

At the Carolina Ale House in Harbison, fans filled the booths and waited the tables.

"I've always been a believer you get the right person, brings on the right team with the right work ethic you can achieve anything you want to achieve," Chris Brockus said.

The women's basketball team has upped the ante for many Carolina fans.

"Dawn Staley came in and the pedigree that she has, you just don't find that every day," Mike Johnson said.

And their success thus far makes USC students proud to be a Gamecock.

"Normally a lot of the attention is focused on boy's basketball, so it's really cool to see the girl's team step up and prove girls are just as good as boys. They can do it and obviously they're doing a great job," Allison Johnson said.

When the clock wound down and the final score was less than favorable for the team, fans still bleed Garnet and Black.

"Hold your head up high, ladies. Look what you have accomplished," Mike Johnson said.

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