How To Prepare For Severe Weather

With a storm system headed our way, South Carolina could experience damaging winds.

"We might not see the most severe effects, but we're going to see something," Derrec Becker said.

Becker and his team at the state's Emergency Management Division are waiting and watching.

"The concern for us is that we can have just as much damage throughout the state from straight line winds as we can from a tornado," he said.

With tornadoes ripping across the South, severe weather is on the way, And Becker says it's best to stock up.

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"Run through and get some emergency supplies, make sure you have enough of the usual items that you use every single day; food, water, fuel. That you can live off on for at least three days," Becker said.

Becker said it's best to stay in your house during the storm, finding a central location like a bathroom to seek shelter.

But, if you find yourself on the road or in a mobile home, here's what to do.

"If you're in your car, if you're in your mobile home, you need to get out of that vehicle or that mobile home immediately and go to the nearest, sturdiest structure you can find," he said. "A gas station, a community center or even a local church. And use that as a shelter until the storm passes."

One problem may be from mother nature's wrath earlier this year.

"If anybody has any debris from the storm, from the ice a couple months ago, now would be the time and run through and either secure it or try to find a way to dispose of it because this storm system could create the potential for flying debris," he said.

Whether it's rain or wind or even tornadoes, preparing for the worst is the key to your family's safety.

For the full SCEMD Emergency Checklist head to their website.


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