Rain Impacts Midlands Businesses

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Storms and flooding seems to be the trend for the weekends in the Midlands, and it's having an impact on some business here.

If you're a business owner who banks on sunshine, it's been a rough few weeks, but on the other side, many crops are doing really well..

Farmers such as Monty Rast say they are welcoming the clouds and rain.

"We've had good weather lately," Rast says.

This sentiment is shared among many of the farmers across the Midlands, including peanut, corn and cotton farmers. Rast has nearly 800 acres of peanuts planted throughout the state.

"We've had adequate rain most of the season. the excessive rain we've had lately really has not caused problems. Crops pulling a lot of moisture now so we feel like this is our main fruiting time and we do need extra water in July and August."

Rast says they are coming off a not so good crop from last year, so they are looking forward to the harvest in September and shoppers at the grocery store will be happy with the prices on the shelves.

"The whole peanut belt is really a good crop and I think you will see the supply go up and the prices go down," he said.

While the gloomy sky is great for this crop, it means a slow day for one Rosewood business.

Matthew Marcome opened up Pelican's Snoballs four months ago, and says he chose Columbia because of the hot weather. "Good weather has everything to do with a good snowball," he explained.

He banks on sunshine to meet his bottom line to keep his doors open. "For a $1.75 a snowball you have to sell a lot of them. when you lose two or three hours of business, that is a good bit of our days profits,"

For now, Mother Nature seems to be favoring the farmers for now. "Rain is a good thing, like the country music song says, rain is a good thing!"


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