Lee's Review: "Den of Thieves"

A heist flick from long ago gets an unofficial remake...sealed with a twist!

(WLTX) - Some guys would rather die than talk, which is exactly what the initial captive suspect opted for. But that's okay. These LA County deputies have a snitch on the inside. And, as long as they don't play by the rules, they should be able to get all the information they need.

Donnie is their driver. He claims to know nothing and seems far too intelligent to be involved in such activity. But, when the profits are great enough, anyone can be tempted into a "Den of Thieves."

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Their target is the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Angeles. It's a heist on par with robbing Fort Knox...or all the major casinos in Vegas! And, in order to get the untraceable bills, they have to steal the right money at the right time.

I've got to admit, I was kind of pulling for them - especially since the cops were so corrupt. Gerard Butler is a hateful bully with a badge, whose wife has wisely taken the kids and left. He may be the lead and he may be the law - but he's not the least bit loved.

However, his indignant conduct is one of the few things separating this film from 1995's "Heat" (starring Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro). And, at times, it's even a little better. But, no matter how good a movie is, when there's a lackluster twist at the end, it will always be dismissed by the Leemoji.

Of course, it may be more your speed than his. But, just to play it safe, I'd hold off and view "Den of Thieves" in your den at home.