Lee's Review: "Every Day"

A doesn't physically exist. But he understands people better than anyone else ever will.

(WLTX) - Every day is a Freaky Friday for A. But, then again, he's not really a person. He's more of a wandering spirit, who inhabits a different body every 24 hours. It's always someone of a similar age in the same geographic region - but race and gender are entirely unforeseen.

After spending a day as Justin, A develops strong feelings for Justin's girlfriend, Rhiannon. In time, he confesses his bizarre secret to her...with, naturally, skeptical feedback. But little things like a song or a fortune can make anyone a believer!

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However, problems still persist for this unlikely couple. A has to constantly deal with a new family every day, while trying not to mess up the life of his host. And, to the rest of the world, Rhiannon looks like the most promiscuous girl in school!

Do these two stand a chance? Is it even right for the two of them to be together? And, most importantly, can A be trusted or is there something more sinister going on?

We've seen similar plot lines in comedies over the years. But not that many in the form of teen romance. However, to their credit, I had no problem suspending my disbelief throughout this preposterous fantasy. It was the unsatisfying conclusion that let the Leemoji down.

"Every Day" will likely still be a hit with tween girls (especially those who have read the book). And it could be a hit with just about anyone. I just wouldn't bet on it. For now, inhabit a different theater.