Braves Country Reacts to Blooper the Mascot

Braves country wasn't too welcoming to the newest member of the franchise after he was revealed.

ATLANTA – Welcome to Atlanta, Blooper!

After the Braves revealed their newest mascot, Blooper, at ChopFest on Saturday, many fans across the country were left confused.

While the kids seemed to love the new furry addition to the fanbase, adults and long-time fans alike aren’t so thrilled.

Many have discussed the similarities to the famous Phillie Phanatic. One person even tweeting saying, “#Blooper is the Phanatic after the flu. And being washed in hot water. Whilst wearing a yak fur coat.”

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Many fans are asking what happened to Homer while others are calling for Chief Noc-A-Homa to be reinstated.

Now, it’s not all hate for Blooper. There are fans who are defending lovable mascot.

Watch the moment the Braves revealed Blooper: