He Had a 40% Chance to Live, Now He's Playing Little League Baseball

(KXTV) - He wears the No. 7 for the Rosemont Little League Farm team Giants. Timmy Brown. If ever a baseball sounding name, Timmy Brown has it.

Six years ago, he was told he would never be able to play the sport he loves. Timmy had brain cancer. But the bigger issue wasn't baseball.

He had a 40 percent chance of living.

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"What do remember about being in the hospital," I asked him.

"They cut my head open,” Timmy said, noting that he didn't remember having the procedure done because "i was asleep at the time"

In 2012, when Timmy was two, he complained of an earache and he had trouble walking normally. His obviously alarmed mom and dad rushed him to the UC Davis Children's Hospital. What the CAT scan showed was a brain tumor that took nine hours of surgery to remove.

He spent 13 days in the hospital.

After the first surgery, Timmy had another surgery followed by eight months of post-op treatment involving chemo and radiation. During those weekly visits to the UC Davis Children's Hospital, it became a second home to the Brown family.

What was shining through those tough treatments was the little guy's upbeat vibe.

"All he was concerned about were the other patients, making sure they were OK," recalled his mom, Maryanne Brown.

Timmy finished his cancer treatment on October 19th, 2012 and has been in remission since.

"Did you remember all the people that took care of you," I asked him.

“Yes," he said.

"Were they nice to you?"


"And they helped you beat that bad cancer and it's all gone?"


Now Timmy is young man with a second chance at a life that he's famous for living to the fullest —playing little league baseball for his Rosemont Little League Giants.

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