Red Velvet Cupakes are South Carolina's Favorite Food

Americans like to eat. A LOT, according to Pinterest. Check out the favorite foods in each state, based on Pinterest data. You might be surprised by the most saved recipe in your state! 

San Francisco, CA (WLTX) - Americans like to eat. A LOT, according to Pinterest. Food is their number one category, with more than 15 billion food ideas posted monthly to the social idea catalog.

So what do Americans crave?

The folks at Pinterest "chewed through" the food ideas users save to compile a list of favorites by state.

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What did they find out?

  • Like its tea, life is sweet in South Carolina, where red velvet cupcakes rule.
  • People in Arkansas love cooking with Coca Cola! Their favorite? Coca Cola meatballs.
  • Pennsylvanians love mixing their cocktails with peach schnapps.
  • When in Texas, do as the Texans do - enjoy a stuffed avocado.
  • Alaskans believe in being prepared, and they stock up on survival bread.
  • Puppy Chow refers to chocolate and peanut butter sweet treats, and it's the top food interest in Wisconsin. (Do they serve that with cheese?)
  • People in Colorado are loving carnitas, where carnitas tamale pie is a top saved recipe.
  • It's no surprise that folks in the "Garden State" of New Jersey treasure their sangria, and they like it tropical!

Check out the complete list, with recipes, on Pinterest.