WA High School Banning Backpacks, Purses in Name of Safety

The school says these bags can be used to hide weapons, drugs, and alcohol.

A Washington state high school will no longer allow backpacks, purses or other school bags, citing increased school violence.

Granger High School near Yakima posted on its Facebook page that those bags can be used to hide weapons, drugs, and alcohol.

"We understand that this is an inconvenience and will take some reorganization and planning for families, but our main concern is that school is a safe place for learning," the school posted.

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The school says the only school supplies students will be required to bring are their 3-ring binders with paper and writing supplies. Students will be allowed to use transparent grocery bags, laundry mesh bags, or similar transparent bags for physical education and sports clothes.

Students who bring the prohibited bags to school will have a letter sent home and disciplinary measures will be enforced.

The school also plans to keep doors locked until staff arrives at 7:30 a.m., with exceptions made for students who have early morning sports practices.