News19 Teacher of the Week: Elizabeth Beck

Elizabeth Beck knows better than most how it feels to be a student with a learning disability.

Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- Elizabeth Beck was in 3rd grade when her mother realized that she was dyslexic. Her life as a student labeled "learning disabled" had it's challenges, but it also has allowed her to have a unique perspective when it comes to working with students in Sumter County.

Beck has been an educator for more than 32 years. She's spent the last two decades working with students in Sumter who learn differently. Beck says there's no student she can't reach.

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"Once I know how they learn, after about five minutes I can teach anyone anything," she said.

It's that type of confidence, and winning attitude, that's helped her students accomplish incredible academic goals. Several of the students that she's worked with were not on track to graduate with a diploma.

Beck takes pride in their success, but doesn't take credit for it. Her students have a variety of challenges, but each of them receives an individual education plan specific to their strengths. Beck says the key to helping students with disabilities is to focus on what they do well, and use that strength to help in the areas where they are weak.

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