Teacher of the Week: Melissa Pollard

It all started as a simple writing assignment in Melissa Pollard's 7th grade English class; send an email to WLTX and nominate an educator for Teacher of the Week. She told her students they could nominate anyone they wanted except her.

It all started as a simple writing assignment for her 7th grade English students at Bates Middle School in Sumter County.

After testing, Ms. Melissa Pollard thought it would be a good idea to have her students submit "Teacher of the Week" nominations to WLTX. She told them that they could nominate any teacher they wanted except her. So it was an incredible surprise when she realized that nearly a dozen students didn't listen and submitted her for the award.

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Students describe her as the type of teacher who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure they understand the subject. Ms. Pollard has been an educator for 12 years. As a Sumter native, she takes pride in teaching students in the same school district she was educated. Ms. Pollard says there's no age group she would rather teach than middle school.

Even though the school year is coming to a close, we are still accepting application for teacher of the week. You can nominate your favorite teacher by emailing us at TOW@wltx.com