Black History Month Comes to Life in Logan Elementary Showcase

Students at Logan Elementary commemorated Black History Month with an art showcase.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Students at Logan Elementary commemorated Black History Month with an art showcase Friday.

The Keeper of the Dreams displays included sweet grass baskets, a freedom quilt, hero boxes, mosaics and other items created by students.

Ariyanna Roberts says, to her the month celebrates how people came together to push for de-segregation and how leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson shaped the world. While she enjoyed learning about the past, Roberts says some lessons weren't easy.

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"It was hard to take in how Blacks was [sic] treated back then," she said.

Student Jarvis Jackson explained that one painting project asked students to explore what they look like on the outside and the inside. "It's good to know what you look like on the inside and the outside because someone might look at you like you're a mean person on the outside...but on the inside you feel really happy and joyful."

Student Anne Varner said the project taught her to treat everyone equally. "You shouldn't judge someone by how they look, but how they act," Varner said.

"When you're judging someone by how they look, you don't really know how they feel, or like what they do," Jackson added.

Rachael Parker told News19 this is an important lesson that all students should learn. "Even though you're a different skin color doesn't mean anything to who you are, because everyone is equal," Parker said.

Hassan Williams says Black History Month is one of his favorite times of year. He said he hopes his classmates take this time to learn more about those who came before us.

"It's just amazing. It's one of the best holidays of the year...It's proving that black live and white lives matter as much as any other life," Williams said.