Grand American Hunt Brings Tens of Thousands to Orangeburg

40,000 people are expected to come to the Grand American in Orangeburg.

Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - One of the nation's longest running raccoon hunting competitions, the Grand American, brings tens of thousands of people and dogs to the Orangeburg County Fairgrounds.

David McKee, the President of the Grand American, says it's a competitive event.

"Tonight in the competition, no game is harvested. It's based on a point system on how fast a dog can track a raccoon," said McKee.

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The hunt takes place at night and early mornings all-across the state where dogs try to find the most raccoons that they can.

Dogs from 23 different states participate in the competition at night, there's other events going on at the fairgrounds during the day.

Vendors raise and sell dogs at the Grand American for those looking for a hunting dog or just for a four-legged pet.

There's also a bench show which is like a dog show where they are judged and compared, winners are chosen by those that represent their breed standard the best.

The event also features food, door prizes, and music.

McKee says the competition brings in forty thousand people from across the country that really helps the community.

"For the city and county, it's huge. They tell us it's the biggest event of the year. It has the hugest economic impact on Orangeburg," said McKee.

If you would like more information on the Grand American, click here.

You can head to the event on Saturday, Jan. 6. Parking is $5 and the event itself is free.