"It Didn't Feel Real", USC Freshman/Parkland Native Takes Action

There are several marches planned across the country, including here in Columbia.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- There are several marches planned across the country next month, all in an effort to take action against mass shootings.

The 'March for Our Lives' will be held March 24 in Washington D.C., but there are several other marches taking place in other parts of the country, including Columbia.

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The local march is being organized by two freshmen at the University of South Carolina.

"To be totally honest, it didn't feel real."

Even more than 600 miles away, Ellie Boan is trying to wrap her head around why someone would want to murder 17 people at a high school in her hometown.

"It didn't feel like it could happen in a place where I actually live. My entire community has been very deeply affected," she said.

In the last week, Boan has felt a range of emotions, but she is channeling all of those emotions into action.

"We refuse to let this be a commonplace occurrence," she said.

Boan, along with her friend Jessica Fields, are helping to organize the 'March for Our Lives' here in Columbia.

"How many more students have to die?" Fields asked.

Boan said this march is to speak for change.

"The entire point of this movement is to let the government know that this is unacceptable behavior in our country. We want something, anything, to be done," said Boan.

"I really think this time is different. I think this shooting is different than any other one because students are getting involved. Students are using their voices. They're using any platform they can to really speak directly to their senators," said Boan.

The march will be held on March 24, and it will end at the State House. Boan said a time has not been set, but she said there is going to be student speakers, who have been affected by gun violence in the past.

If you would like more information about the 'March for Our Lives', click here.