New Business in Columbia That May Be Up Your Alley

They're hoping you'll spend your spare time at their bowling alley, restaurant, arcade, and tap room.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - It's no secret that Columbia has been doing some renovating downtown over the last few years in the hopes to bring more businesses and people to the area. One new spot is opening and it might be right up your alley.

After months of construction and battling a fire almost a year ago, the Grand is finally opening its door on the 1600 block of Main.

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Joe Nester is the director of internet marketing for the developers who built the new spot. They're hoping you'll spend your spare time at their bowling alley, restaurant, arcade, and tap room.

"It's the newest edition to Main Street. About four or five venues within ‘The Grand’ area. Around 1909, this building was a theatre and it was actually called "The Grand." They would have shows. They would have silent movies," explained Nester.

The arcade features classic games like Pac Man. In the tap area, people will be able to drink brews and can keep track of what they’re drinking with a special wristband.

For bowling, you can rent a lane with a group of people for $25 an hour.

The restaurant features a variety of food from sandwiches to shrimp and more.

From silent movies to bowling, the atmosphere inside the building has definitely changed like outside on Main Street.

“When I came here about twenty years ago, people would go into their office buildings and come out and then went home. Now you see students, professionals, you see a lot more people on the street. It doesn't have that desolate feeling it did back in the day,” said Nester.

Paula Taylor came by during lunch to get a taste of the new place. She says it's great for downtown.

"Downtown is moving in the right direction. It’s a nice friendly atmosphere where you feel like you can walk about and enjoy Columbia in a more connected feel to the local businesses," said Taylor.

Whether you're playing games down in the arcade or going for turkey in the kitchen or on the bowling lanes, Nester hopes it brings more people to Main Street.

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"I think it just adds another whole element and adds another group of people that's going to rediscover Main Street," said Nester.

So far the business has been open only during lunch hours but management says they hope to be operating full hours starting tomorrow.

If you want more information on “The Grand,” click here.