Residents Say Smoke from Prescribed Burn Was Unbearable

Residents on Percival road say the smoke coming from Fort Jackson's prescribed burn was unbearable.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A thick cloud of smoke hung in the air over parts of Columbia on late Sunday evening into Monday morning. Turns out, Fort Jackson was doing a prescribed burn - but residents on Percival road say the smoke was unbearable.

"It was very bad and very smokey," said Leah Jackson, "like you couldn't breathe, it was pretty bad."

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Jackson lives at the Briars Grove apartments on Percival Road.

"It was just really freaky because we didn't know what was going on," Jackson said.

"It was crazy," said Robert Scott, who lives in the Deer Lake subdivision on Percival Road. "You could smell it coming through the windows so we put blankets under the doors trying to keep it from coming in. I was going to go to get up and go to a motel but then I said I'd tough it out."

Also toughing it out, the seniors at Addison's Community Care Home.

"Some of the smoke started getting into my building," said Kelvin Green, a caregiver at the home.

Green says all that smoke made him worry.

"At first I was, some of my people have got asthma in there," Green said.

The smoke is cleared and people have been able to get back outside, but Scott believes this should've been handled differently.

"At least they should've given us some kind of warning of what they were going to do," Scott said.