"We need to have closure," Three Hit-And-Runs Still Unsolved

The South Carolina Highway Patrol say they need your help to bring the justice these families deserve.

Rembert, SC (WLTX) - In Sumter County, three families are dealing with the pain of losing their loved ones to hit and run accidents.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has been investigating over the past three years, and they need your help bringing justice to these families.


Devin Dinkins was traveling along TB Wright Road in the town of Rembert on February 10. Deputies say he was hit by a vehicle and the car fled the scene.

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Marie Sanders was his cousin.

“Someone has to know something. We need to have closure. His mother wants to have closure. We have lost a loved one. We have lost a family member. His mother has lost a son,” said Sanders.

His family says Devin was well known in the community, and was a good person. They are just wanting someone to come forward and give information that will help them get closure.

“I don’t know how anybody could be in peace withholding information that they know," she said. "We need to have the information so that we can close this. So we can have peace.”

The Dinkins family isn’t the only family to experience the same tragedy in this rural town.


On September 5, 2015, Elizabeth Lewis was on Richbow Road. Highway Patrol says that a vehicle struck and killed Mattie White’s daughter.

“Who did this? This is a human being. We’re all raising children and if this person is married and raising a child, they should know the feeling of a mother or a parent if somebody would do something to their children like that or their child,” said White.

On June the 18, 2017, deputies say another person was also hit and killed off of Ellerbe Mill Road.

Lance Corporal David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says they’ve investigated three hit-and-runs over the last three years in Rembert. They’re on a mission to find out what happened and to bring justice for these families and they need your help.

“It’s heartbreaking these families are still living with the grief. You get in these small towns where everybody knows each other and everybody relies on each other, often times it’s just one little detail that somebody can remember that solves the case for us. We want to be able to give the families that’s grieving the closure they deserve,” explained Jones.

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Jones says that even if you think you may have hit a deer or animal on the road when these incidents occurred, you should call investigators to help solve these cases.

These families are pleading that someone will do the right thing and help find the answers they’ve been desperately searching.

“We trust and believe in God that whoever did this, that they will come and they will speak,” said Sanders.

If you know anything that may help these cases, you are asked to call the South Carolina Highway Patrol.