Selling Powerball Tickets: What it's Like on the Other Side of the Counter

Many of us are headed to the stores to buy a Powerball ticket but what is it like behind the counter with the mad rush?

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With the jackpot for the Powerball at $700 million, people are flooding into stores across the Midlands to buy a ticket for a chance to win it all.

People come in and out the door mainly for one thing, and that's the Powerball ticket.

Jimmy's Mart off of Two Notch Road in Columbia is one of the most popular places to buy a lottery ticket.

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If you went by the store, your chances lied in the hands of cashier Jennifer Clark.

"Makes people go crazy! Everybody wants that money! We all need that money," laughed Clark.

One of those people who was feeling pretty lucky was Paul Prailleau. He spent $100 on lottery tickets, twelve of those were Powerball tickets.

"I feel real lucky today. I need $700 million. I can do a lot of things with that and a lot of things for the state of South Carolina. I saw nothing but dollar signs when I woke up this morning," said Prailleau.

We wanted to give you an idea about how small your chances of winning it all may be. Looking at the odds, you will have a one in 292 million chance of cashing out with the seven hundred million. To put it into perspective, here's some things that you have more of a chance doing. There's a one in ninety-six thousand chance of you being struck by lightning, a one in ten million chance to become President, and one in 11.5 million chance of being attacked by a shark.

Those odds don't mean much to people though because filed into Jimmy Mart to get a ticket. Clark says she expects them to sell fifty thousand tickets alone today.

"This is a lucky place. It's a number one retailer, that's right. We put lots of love on those tickets," said Clark.

Each ticket that comes out of the machine, she'll rub on her shirt for good luck. As far as dealing with the long lines, she doesn't mind the rush.

"Makes time go by quicker and hopefully we're going to sell that lucky ticket. It only takes one to win," laughed Clark.

The Powerball drawing for the $700 million is Wednesday night on WLTX at 11 pm.

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