Early Diagnosis Saves Assistant Solicitor

Richland County Assistant Solicitor April Sampson was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Columbia, SC (WLTX)-- It's been less than a year since April Sampson was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her diagnosis, she had no idea that she had a family history of the disease, but now she knows that at least 10 relatives on her mother's side of the family have had breast cancer.

Specifically, Sampson was diagnosed with infiltrating ductile carcinoma. This form of the diseases not only one of the most aggressive, but also one of the deadliest.

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Six months prior to her diagnosis, she showed no signs of the disease. When her doctor found the lump weeks before Sampson's 40th birthday, she started doing research.

"I know that if it comes back it will come back in the next year or two and it probably will come back in my lungs, my brain or my liver.", Sampson says.

She opted for a bilateral mastectomy and says the decision was not difficult to make. The last year of her life has been a series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Doctors today are happy to report that she shows no evidence of disease.

She has taken the BRACA 1 and 2 test and knows now that genetically her daughters are not at risk of developing breast cancer.

As an assistant solicitor for Richland County, Sampson says that she received a tremendous amount of support from her coworkers.

Remember, experts say early detection is the key saving your life. Please, perform your self breast exam on the 19th of every month and contact your physician if you notice any changes.