Lexington Woman Battles Breast Cancer While Pregnant

Lexington mom of 2 battles stage 3 breast cancer while pregnant.


Gaston, SC (WLTX) -- Moana Lane and her sister in law Tina Barfield share a very special bond. Lane is married to Barfield's brother Flip and for more than 10 years she's been a huge part of the family. Their bond is deeper than blood because they are both breast cancer survivors.

Barfield was diagnosed more than two years ago and Lane was diagnosed when she was 6 1/2 months pregnant with her third child.

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She found a lump under her arm. After a serious of tests doctors determined that Lane's diagnosis was extremely rare. She falls in the category of 1 in 3000 women diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant.

Since her diagnosis she has learned that she does have a family history of the disease.

Lane and her husband remain optimistic that the treatment plan that doctors have laid out for her will continue to be successful.  Every two weeks she's gone in for chemotherapy treatments.  Lane says the treatment doesn't negatively affect the baby because chemotherapy doesn't cross the placenta.  

Lane has 2 sons who are 2 and 3 years old.  She says it's been very difficult to know that she will not be able to have the same bond developed through nursing with this baby.  Although, chemotherapy doesn't cross the placenta it does enter the breast milk.

Even before her diagnosis in November of 2015, this family has been dealing with many challenges.

Lane's husband Flip is an independent contractor.  Two years ago, while on a construction site he was hit by a back hoe that broke his hip and femur.  Because, he suffers with degenerative arthritis the healing process has been incredibly difficult. Combine that with the fact that he's now at home helping to care for the children, increased medical costs and Lane's illness it's clear that this is a family in need of assistance.

Because, of that Barfield has started a Go Fund Me Account for the family https://www.gofundme.com/h88r9jmk

On January 15, 2016 the Lane's welcomed their baby girl into the world.  She weighed 4 pounds and 15 ounces but was otherwise healthy.

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Now, that the baby has been born doctors can continue to move forward with Lane's treatment plan.