USC Researchers Make New Breast Cancer Discovery

University of South Carolina Professor Dr. Ann Ramsdell is using her research to find a cure and hopefully prevent breast cancer.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - On the campus of the University of South Carolina at the School of Medicine, there is a research project being conducted unlike anything else in the country.

Dr. Ann Ramsdell and her team of researchers are working to find not only a cure for breast cancer but also how to prevent the disease altogether.

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Her study involves the process of injecting cancer cells into the left and right mammary glands of the test subject. So far, the research has shown that breast cancer develops 100% of the time in the right breast. However, the left breast supresses the disease 60% of the time.

For Dr. Ramsdell, this is more than just business. Seven years ago she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. At that time her research was focused on cardiovascular and congenital heart disease.

But when faced with this challenge, she knew that she needed to change her focus and work on finding a cure for breast cancer.

Dr. Ramsdell and her team are specifically studying the effects of triple negative breast cancer. That form of the disease is the most aggressive and also disproportionately affects African American, Hispanic and younger women. The study's results will also have the greatest impact on women who are genetically inclined (BRCA1 or BRCA2) to developing the disease.

Dr. Ramsdell says that with each week they get closer and closer to having answers.

Her belief is that the results of this study will have an impact on all cancer research that involves dual organs.

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