Restaurant Report Card: Eclipse Drink at California Dreaming & The Blazi'n Skillet

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -


Angelo's Zesto, 4001 N Main St Columbia- 93-A

  • Roaches in the dish and kitchen areas
  • Dirty shelving and equipment
  • Second follow-up: August 18

Branchville Food Mart, 210 Dorange Road Orangeburg- 81-C

  • Grime inside the ice machine
  • Ice build-up inside the cooler
  • Lots of grime on the kitchen equipment
  • Dead bugs on the floor
  • Second follow-up: August 18
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Low Scores:

Clearwater Cove Marina, 2029 Baron Dekalb Road Camden- 78-B

  • Inspectors saw the kitchen staff handling ready to eat foods with their bare hands, the food wasn’t being held in the right temperatures- which can be very dangerous- and the door in the back wasn’t closing all the way, which we know can be a perfect entrance point for pests.
  • Follow-up: August 18

Hot Wok, 2390 Chestnut Street Suite A7 Orangeburg- 81-B

  • They too weren’t holding proper food temperatures and roaches were seen in the facility during the inspection! Check out these pictures of excessive grease build up on the deep frying and under the wok line.
  • Follow-up: August 18

Real Mexico, 2421 Bush River Rd STE A, B Columbia- 84-B

  • They weren’t holding proper cold food temperatures, inspectors saw bagged chicken thawing in a pot with standing water on the floor, their salsa buckets were stored on the floor and the shelving wasn’t clean.
  • Follow-up: August 18

Quick Pantry #37, 1093 Five Chop Rd. Orangeburg- 87-C

  • Had grime buildup on the sink and shelving under the counter.

Golden Spatula Winner: California Dreaming, 401 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201- 100%

Hall of Fame:

  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 650 Lincoln St Suite 300 Columbia- 100%
  • California Dreaming, 401 S Main St Columbia- 100%
  • Soda City Candy Mobile, 1805 Cedar Brook Dr Columbia- 100%

Restaurant Report Card Feature: The Blazi'n Skillet, 2064 Wilson Rd, Newberry, SC 29108