Former USC Pitchers Visit Palmetto Children's Hospital

The game room at the Palmetto Children's Hospital was quite busy Wednesday as patients were visited by a trio of former USC pitchers.

Jordan Montgomery and Tyler Webb made it to the Show in 2017. Jack Wynkoop hopes to eventually get there. But on Wednesday afternoon, this trio of former USC pitchers were engaged in a friendly game of UNO with patients at the Palmetto Health Chrildren's Hospital. Eventually, Webb made his way to the Jenga table while Wynkoop served as supervisor at the foosball table.

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The three players were the special guests of the hospital which allowed them to spend time with the patients and their families.

Montgomery, a Sumter native, was making a return trip and he was expected to be joined by Webb only. But Wynkoop heard about this and made sure he was there to do his part to bring a smile to the patients.

Spring training is just around the corner for the guys, but on this day, they used their status to do their part to help in the recovery process for patients at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.