Frank Martin Opens Up About Being on "The Dark Side"

Back in 2006, a newly-hired Kansas State assistant coach was given a death sentence. Then a miracle happened.

The self-described open book that is Frank Martin has revealed a horrifying chapter back in 2006 that was the subject of a Sunday ESPN story entitled "Miracle In Manhattan".

The feature looks back at a story in 2010 from the Kansas City Star. The writer, Bill Reiter who has a prime-time show on CBS Sports Radio, documented a three-week period in 2006 where a newly hired Kansas State assistant went from being told he was dying to receiving a new lease on life from someone he describes as a guardian angel.

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But originally he wasn't going to talk about it.

“I said, ‘It’s a powerful thing. If it can help someone else out there realize that it’s real and the importance of faith and prayer and God; if it gives someone else hope, why not?’” Martin said Monday.

“It was a difficult chapter in my life. It gives me perspective on how to live.”

What he thought was a simple flu bug turned into one death sentence after another once he arrived at the hospital.

The 105 degree temperature and yellow looking skin was combined with a diagnosis of organ failure, pancreatic cancer and pneumonia.

One night, a nurse came to pray with Martin and his family and miraculously, he was fine the next day. Not only was there no record of that nurse ever working at the hospital but people responded to the Kansas City Star article saying that too, had similar experiences with what was believed to be the same Asian woman.

“I know my wife and my uncle, who were there, start speaking about it I know they’re moved to tears and to nerves,” Martin said. “I’ve sat with my uncle, who I've got a special bond with and seen the emotion and his hands shaking 12 years later of feeling the heat coming through his body as that lady was praying over me. That’s powerful stuff, man.”

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After the story ran Sunday morning, the buzz on social media and in the coaching circles has taken off.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari called him and said the his priest was holding Mass and mentioned Martin's story.

From the "dark side" to a shining example of faith and hope, there is another layer that Frank Martin is letting the world in on.