Offensive Line Overhaul Puts Bailey Back At Guard

After a year at offensive tackle, Zack Bailey is moving back to guard.

Zack Bailey came in for his media session and when he was asked about his return to guard, the 6-6, 309 pound senior was almost giddy as he talked about his move inside, closer to the ball.

"It's awesome. I love it," Bailey said.

"I'm still learning. The biggest thing in going back to a new position, you have to learn a little bit. Things change over time. But just learning and getting back to it is great. I love pulling again. Getting back to the grind, getting back to the trenches, it's awesome."

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The reason for Bailey's excitement is he gets to do more of the dirty work that offensive linemen are known for. Not that playing tackle is a vacation, but for Bailey, the closer you move inside, the more action you will see.

"The trenches, that's what it comes down to," he said.

"You're down and dirty at the guard. As tackle, you're mostly just pass setting. You've got one man. I mean, you're in the trenches, but you're not deep in the trenches. Getting back in there, it's good."