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Columbia native, veteran wins Daytime Emmy award

Zane Jones is a Columbia native, veteran, comedian, filmmaker and now, an Emmy award winner.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Two months after graduating from the Los Angeles Film School, Zane Jones received an award some work their entire career for - an Emmy.

Jones, along with 6 other African-American producers, were honored with the 2021 Daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Daytime Fiction Program" for their film The Girl in Apartment 15.

Jones, Dr. Louis Deon Jones, Marquez Williams, Antrell Terry, Dario Harris, Pierre Phipps, and Andre Davis are the first to win this category because the National Academy of Television and Arts added the category in 2021.

The film is about domestic abuse, an issue that continues to plague communities across the country. 

Years of hard work and preparation went into this big moment. "I've been out here in L.A. for 4 years now and not in an executive producer position because I'm an actor, comedian," said Jones. 

In 2017, Jones moved to L.A. and worked as a standup comedian. He also attended the New York Film Academy. 

Credit: Zane Jones

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Six months after graduating with an Associate of Fine Arts, he was accepted to the Los Angeles Film School where he earned an Associates of Science in Film. 

Jones is hoping to add more awards to his trophy case. "I do want to be an EGOT," Jones said. "I do want to have the Emmy, Grammy and Tony."

He's currently working to make those dreams a reality. Jones is involved in several projects right now including his late night talk show on Youtube called Zane at Dusk which he hosts and directs.

The The Girl in Apartment 15  is on Amazon Prime Video or you can stream it on louisjonestv.com.

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