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Tickets to Disney World could more than double by 2031, study says

If Koala's projections are correct, the Florida theme park would become "the most expensive Disney resort in the world."

ORLANDO, Fla. — Editor's Note: The video in the player above is from when Disney required all salary and non-union hourly employees to be vaccinated.

If you think planning a trip to Walt Disney World is steep, just wait until you see projected ticket prices for 2031.

Koala, a company looking to connect travelers with timeshare rentals and resorts, completed a data study that tracked ticket price increases at the "Most Magical Place on Earth" since its opening in 1971.

Now, as the theme park giant gets ready to celebrate 50 years in the Sunshine State, we're getting a look at the "Future of Disney Parks" and the potential prices might shock you.

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In 10 years' time, the company projects a one-day (non-park hopper) ticket to Disney World will cost you $253.20. A far cry from the $3.50 park-goers paid to attend the theme park in 1971.

But there are some outside factors to consider. 

First off there's inflation, which means that $3.50 is more accurately $22.61 in today's market. Then take into consideration the time period, admission used to not include rides and attractions and that since Walt Disney World opened, three parks and several additional experiences have been added to the resort.

If Koala's projections are true, it would make the Florida theme park "the most expensive Disney resort in the world." But how did we get to the potential for a ticket increase of 7134.24% by 2031?

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The company says it compared the increase of Disney World's admission year-over-year since it opened in 1971 and applied it over a decade. On average, Koala says Disney has raised its ticket price 7.4 percent annually. 

"Prices here have risen the most out of any other Disney theme park globally," the company wrote.

It's unclear if the data study took into consideration that Disney does offer ticket discounts for bookings with multiple days or that each visit's costs vary by what day you attend the theme park.

Based on Koala's projections, a family of four looking to visit the Magic Kingdom for one day would have to cough up $1,012.80 in addition to food, transportation, hotel stay and merchandise, among other things.

The study begs the question: Is it worth it? Some Disney lovers are likely to tell you, "yes," but others might be more weary when it comes to booking a trip.

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