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Main Street painted in culture, food, and music for the annual Latin Fest

The event featured food, music and dancing - and also a chance for people to connect.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Flags of many nations were on Main Street today, showcasing food, music, and dance with the annual Main Street Latin Festival. Pride waved down Main Street, representing every stripe, star, and land of Latin communities.

"We were from Bolivia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, it's so many countries," Luzma Moody, owner of Luzma Mexican Apparel, said. "I believe this is such an important event cause it brings us all together; it helps us understand each other and be more social, which is what we need right now."

Elizabeth Calderon, owner of Magia Coffee, said this is the first year she brought her business to the festival.

"I feel connected. Just knowing that everybody is here to support to embrace the culture,"  Calderon said. "So, knowing that makes me feel a part of the community."

While there was plenty of shopping, people enjoyed music, dance and food from many countries and cultures. 

Bolanco just moved to Columbia from the Dominican Republic.

"The human being is a social being. We have got to be together," said Bolanco, who just moved to Columbia from the Dominican Republic. "When you are so [far] from your home country, you find people who share your roots, your music - not only that, but people from other countries are interested. It makes you feel like you belong."

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