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ICYMI: Stephen Colbert returns to SC every night on 'The Late Show'

South Carolina native uses reminder of home state to hit his mark on stage during opening monologues

NEW YORK — For 460 days during the coronavirus pandemic, comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert hosted CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" from his home in Charleston, South Carolina.

On June 14, Colbert, a native of SC, returned to the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York in front of a live audience. And he brought a little reminder of South Carolina along with him.

In an interview on CBS Sunday with CBS News' John Dickerson, Colbert and Dickerson were walking backstage, following the path Colbert takes every night to where he delivers his show's opening monologue. Dickerson pointed to a spot on the floor and asked the comedian "is that your mark?."

Colbert replied that yes it was and that no one had noticed or asked about the spot where he stood before. He said his mark -- a small sticker featuring the outline of the state of South Carolina, a palmetto tree and moon -- reminds him of "who I am and where I'm from and now it's a constant reminder of what we did down there" during the pandemic keeping the show on the air.

You can watch the entire interview at cbsnews.com or click the link here.