(WLTX) - Could you protect someone you hated? That's what Captain Joe Blocker is expected to do. His orders are to escort a Cheyenne chief (and his family) from New Mexico to their home in Montana. But he's having trouble with the idea of defending the man responsible for death of so many fallen comrades. Well, unfortunately, this order comes straight from the White House - so, unless he wants a court-martial, he'd better just do his job.

But the road to Montana is loaded with peril. The only way for these enemies to survive is to rely on each other. And, when they encounter a newly widowed mother, unlikely alliances emerge.

"Hostiles" has plenty of violent action and the script is anything but predictable. However, the film's foundation is based on the toll war takes on the soul. It may look like the Old West but it feels like Vietnam. It's deliberately slow and everyone has PTSD. Regardless, it succeeds in being emotionally effective...and, for that, it gets an ironic smile from the Leemoji.

It may not be the feel-good movie of the year. But it does deserve attention - from both the public and the Academy!

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