(WLTX) - Dell Scott is a convicted felon who is in desperate need of a job.  But he's grown so used to rejection, these days, he just asks for a signature.  Unfortunately, Phillip Lacasse can't give him one, due to his paralysis.  So he'll just have to offer him the position!

It doesn't take Dell long to realize he's suddenly working for one of the wealthiest men in the world!  And the job comes with some serious demands.  But, from the looks of things, he'll come away from it with a lot more than just a paycheck.

'The Upside' has been done all over the globe.  In fact, this is the fourth version of the movie.  It's based on a true story and the original one from France is considered a masterpiece.  Whether or not this will receive similar praise, remains to be seen (but doesn't appear likely).

Believe it or not, Kevin Hart really does reel it in for this film (which is refreshing).  And his relationship with Bryan Cranston serves as a strong emotional foundation.  But, for the most part, they bond over the highlights of our "Question of Discretion"...suggestive content and drug use.  Well, that and Aretha Franklin.

I wouldn't call it a "bad" movie.  But it felt like they missed some good opportunities.  Either way, it wasn't enough to win over the Leemoji.  Perhaps the French version is worth seeking out.  But, for this one, I see no real upside to viewing "The Upside."