Lee's Review: "Winchester"
Author: Lee O. Smith, Movie Reviewer
Published: 9:37 AM EST February 2, 2018
Updated: 9:37 AM EST February 2, 2018

(WLTX) - Dr. Eric Price doesn't believe in ghosts - but he's about to get more than he bargained for. Sarah Winchester is heir to the family fortune made famous by their legendary firearms. And, since that makes her ultimately responsible for so many deaths, she believes she is cursed. Others just think she's crazy. But her mental state is not her place to judge, that's the responsibility of Dr. Price.

He was appointed to spend a week at her estate and evaluate her sanity. It's a tad hypocritical, considering his dependence on laudanum. However, he has visited the "other side" before, so his spiritual connections may be stronger than most. Either way, the home's random design would be enough to drive anyone mad.

The eccentric mansion looks like something straight from an M.C.Escher drawing...only more confusing! Different parts of the house are custom-built for the different spirits they contain. And, since the spirits keep on coming, the construction never ends. But, lately, there have been signs of a much more sinister intruder.

"Winchester" contains plenty of startling moments, where something jumps out from behind a door. But, other than that, it's probably more comical than creepy. It's a lot of "Paranormal Activity" with a gothic makeover. They also borrow from other great films like: "The Shining," "The Exorcist" and "Poltergeist." But imitation can also be the sincerest form of failure.

It is based on true events and this house really exists! I'd love to watch a documentary on it - or even take a tour, the next time I'm in San Jose. But the movie itself just frustrates the Leemoji. May as well watch football.