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New format makes favorite Christmas movies look, sound better than ever

The films haven’t changed, but your viewing experience just might.

PORTLAND, Maine — This month a bunch of classic Christmas movies are coming out in 4K. If you’re not familiar with that video format, you have a logical question: What’s 4K?

Mick Werkhoven of Bull Moose has a succinct answer. “Better video. Better audio.”

Mick and Chris Brown joined 207 to talk about the releases, which range from the film that introduced the song “White Christmas” to the world to the movie that became a holiday staple because it was absurdly cheap for a cable TV network to air it on repeat in December. 

A lot of these movies are old or on their way to being old, so the crisper picture and richer sound are welcome.

Want to see the whole list? Watch the 207 interview.

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