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'It's amazing, and a way of life' | Tango marathon comes to Columbia area for Labor Day weekend

Fans of the famous dance style are gathering for an extended weekend of twisting, turning, and tango.

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — Throughout the weekend, Dragon Productions has hosted people passionate about classic tango in their Tango-thon at The Barn in West Columbia. 

Kayla Maree and Jonatan Baez, dance instructors who work for Dragon Productions, said they are happy to share this dance style with the South Carolina Midlands community.

"The people that you meet through this dance are amazing because it's a global community," Maree said. "People all over the world, all different backgrounds, all different perspectives, but in that moment when you're together in the embrace, it's just you guys. It's your own little world that you get to make."

Thanks to tango, Deana and Don Rosenberg found their forever dance partner in each other.

"You're choreographing a dance in real-time, and you have no idea what it's going to be until you're in the middle of it," Don said.

All Saturday long, dancers from across the state, nation, and world came together for a marathon of milonga.

Dancers started getting into their rhythm around 2 p.m. Saturday and will continue dancing until 2 a.m. Sunday morning. The cost to participate is $25. Dance instructors Maree and Baez said this is not a marathon in Argentine culture but a normal weekday occurrence.

"In Argentina, we go until 6, or 5, 4 - it depends on the organizers - but we dance, then we go to work, go home and sleep at 6, then wake up to go dance," Baez said.

If you want to join the fun, the next tango event will be the Southeast Tango Festival in Charlotte starting Oct. 13. 

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