Bladen County, NC (CBS NEWS via WWAY) - Three inmates are being recognized for saving the life of a Bladen County, NC sheriff's office supervisor..

This week the sheriff publicly honored and recognized the men..

Frank Edens Jr. was one of the first who noticed something was wrong when his litter clean up supervisor, James Smith, was stumbling into a ditch.

Edens, along with Roy William Smith and Rosendo Morales Sanchez,  jumped into action.

"Just being the guy that he was," Edens says. "He never did anything wrong to us or anything like that, treated us bad or anything. So we saw no other reason to try and do anything else crazy or outrageous so why not help him."

They took Smith's phone and instead of running or doing anything else, they called for help.

The sheriff's office says Smith suffered a stroke. He was taken to Cape Fear Valley in Fayetteville but was later transferred to ICU.