Avi Finley, 6, may look small. But don't let his height fool you, his heart is bigger than most grown-ups.

"He seems to have great empathy for people who don't have food. He understands that concept," said Avi's dad, Michael Finley.

The Finley family volunteers with Mobile Meals, a non-profit that delivers food to the elderly in Knoxville. Every year, Avi donates a portion of his piggy bank to charity.

But this year the family took it a step further and decided to raise money online for Giving Tuesday. 

"We were trying to raise $300 I believe," said Michael. "No, dad, it was $200," interjected Avi from the back seat. "Thank you, Avi. $200. We ended up raising over a thousand, which can feed 307 people."

Avi is keeping true to the promise he made to anyone who donated, he plans to personally deliver every single meal. 

"We're at 36 right now," Avi says as he consults a clipboard with a list of addresses on it. "We're about to drive to 37 though."

When the family pulls up to the first house on the list, Avi checks his notes to see what meal Charlotte Dawkins has requested. His dad helps him pull it out of the cooler in their trunk, and they walk up to the door. 

"Oh hello," beams Dawkins as soon as she sees Avi standing outside with her meal in his hands. "Come in. Come in. Can I get a little hug? You know, when I was younger I helped with Mobile Meals. I'm so proud of you." 

"When you see people like her who are just so elated to see his little smiling face, it just makes you feel wonderful as a parent," Michael Finley said.

As a kid, Avi says it makes him feel wonderful too. 

"Now, I hope you come back and bring meal a meal again," Dawkins said as she steals one more hug from Avi before they head off to their next house.

 "Ok," he replies.