West Columbia, SC (WLTX) -There's a new member coming to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden this summer and he or she will make history.

The zoon announced Monday that Kazi, a 12-year-old gorilla, is pregnant.

The baby gorilla is expected to make its arrival in the coming months, but until then the soon to be Kazi and a host of bystanders are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little one. The soon to be mom is believed to be about four to five months along in the 37 week gestation period.

According to John Davis, Curator of Mammals for the Riverbanks Zoo, Kazi is in good shape, but the team isn’t taking any chances. "Fortunately Riverbanks has a veterinarian staff and we also have a equipment that we can monitor the birth during the entire process," says Davis.

After the unfortunate loss of another infant gorilla last May due to being born breech, If successful, Kazi's baby will be the first infant gorilla to be raised at Riverbank.

These gorillas are considered to be a part of the family troop of western lowland gorillas that came to the Zoo in the spring of 2015.

According to the Zoo, Western lowland gorillas are considered critically endangered with only about 100,000 individuals remaining in the wild