Columbia, SC (WLTX) - We're not sure if anyone who studies paleontology at the University of South Carolina is aware of this, but there's apparently a Tyrannosaurus Rex on campus, and it likes to party.

Yes, someone dressed up in a T-Rex outfit, then crowdsurfed among the students who were celebrating the Gamecocks big win over Duke early Monday morning.

The Cretaceous creature was spotted among the revelers around 1 a.m. on the school's historic Horseshoe. (So historic, it seems, it stretches back millions of years to the time of dinosaurs.)

There are a lot of good questions that can be asked about this. Who was in the suit? Why did someone have that suit on standby? Is it just for special occasions, or daily trips to class? And how did they change into it so fast and get over to the Horseshoe in such a short amount of time? And what's the dinosaur's declared major? (Our guess is history. Botany seems unlikely, seeing as it's a carnivore.)

But we'll just put those aside, because this was pretty funny. Take a look at the video attached above.