Richland County, SC (WLTX) - Collaborative work environments with your own individual work space are popping up all across Richland County.

"This is our brand new office and in order to help pay for this nice location we have converted part of it to a co-work center," Mike Switzer said.

Switzer is the Executive Director of the Blythewood Chamber of Commerce.

"People who just need a place to get some quiet work done without having to go and sign into a long term contract on their own office space," he said.

You can pay anywhere from $20 a day to $300 for the full month package. It includes WiFi, access to the conference room, printer, coffee and more.

And they're not the only group capitalizing on the trend. SOCO in the City of Columbia offers similar amenities.

If you're on a budget head over to the Richland Library.

"The co-working center was designed for business owners who do not have a physical space," Kris Dempster said.

Dempster runs the library's program.

"The customer would come to the desk, reserve the room, we give them a key (and) they have access for eight hours at a time," he said.

Mark Mahaffey said he's been here all week working on his latest project and all he needed was his library card.

"I'm a freelance graphic designer. It's a beautiful place to work. You can come here and work for free with a beautiful view out. There's not that many distractions and you can just sit down and knock out your work," he said.

For more information click here for the Blythewood co-work center and here for the co-work center at the Richland Library.