CALHOUN COUNTY, S.C. — The family of a Calhoun County mom killed alongside two of her children Sunday is speaking out.

Shanta Singleton, 37, and two of her daughters, Essence and Trevay, were all killed. Investigators say they were shot by Singleton's boyfriend after an argument.

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Two other children managed to escape, one wounded, before investigators say the gunman, Gabriel Jordan, killed himself.

"I promise you, God got an angel. He got an angel Sunday," Regina Singleton, a family member, said.

Singleton remembers Shanta as a woman who loved her family. 

A mother of four girls, Shanta spent much of her life in Orangeburg and during that time she made her mark on family and friends by showing kindness to those she met.

Shanta Singleton and daughter Essence
Shanta Singleton and daughter Essence
Marquett Sweat

"She was such a loving and kind person, and the thing I loved about her so much was... her girls were her everything," Singleton said. "She was just one of them moms that you try to figure out like, wow, you know?... An active mom in her kid's life."

Her daughters Essence and Trevay had big dreams for the future. 

At 15, Singleton says Essence was a straight-A student and a cheerleader with a lot of personality.

"Essence...her attitude was fierce from the time she was born. Girl loved her lipstick, and her makeup and her eye shadow," Singleton said. "She just was fun. Smart and fun and beautiful."

Twelve-year-old Trevay was bold.

"Trevay, now that's my little fierce baby," Singleton said. "She was the protector of the family."

Trevay had goals of being a doctor, lawyer and a cosmetologist.

Singleton said hearing of their deaths was a blow to the family, but they are working to remember the good times.