Jim Gandy received the Silver Circle Award Friday night, an honor chosen by the The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences [NATAS] Southeast Chapter. It’s one of the chapter’s most prestigious awards, honoring a lifetime of dedication to the television industry.

The Academy notes that this award is reserved for those who persevere in an industry known for change. Inductees for the Silver Circle have at least 25 years of experience. These leaders join an impressive group of industry professionals who have helped shape the past, present, and continue to influence the future of the broadcast industry.

Jim Gandy’s more than 25 years as a television meteorologist he has helped viewers stay safe from tornadoes, storms and hurricanes. He is most known for his prediction of Hurricane Hugo. Watching the storm, Gandy was the only one to predict that Hugo would hit Charleston, and his forecast is credited for saving lives.

Several years ago, Jim Gandy and WLTX became the test study for Climate Matters along with researchers from George Mason University. Gandy regularly reports on the ways that climate is changing in the Midlands. Since that time dozens of other meteorologists are using Climate Matters data to inform their viewers on climate change.

Three years ago, knowing the draught in California would affect the price of fruits and vegetables, Gandy started his own garden to show viewers how to easily grow and urban garden. Since then, the garden has produced a plethora of fruits and vegetables all seasons of the year. This truly exemplifies the WLTX On Your Side mission of teaching and helping our community.

The historic flood of October 2015 once again showed why Jim Gandy is South Carolina’s weather man. For more than a week, Jim was watching the storm and discussing with the possibilities of severe weather in the Carolina’s. As the storm grew closer, Gandy correctly predicted the rains would come through on the 4th and the amounts would be substantial.

In his acceptance speech at the event in Atlanta, Gandy told the audience about the flood and the recovery. He shared how South Carolina is still struggling to get back to where we were when the flood hit.