COLUMBIA, S.C. — Friends and family of London Harrell stood before a gymnasium full of supporters at Spring Valley High School, sharing heartfelt tales of their time with the 21-year-old.

Her life was shortened after being struck and killed by an impaired driver in Florida. 

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"We are heartbroken, we are numb, but we also know that London wants us to charge on," Paula Cobb, her mother, said. "Look out heaven, here she is."

Harrell's best friend, Claire Walters, recalled childhood and college memories of sleepovers and travels together. She encouraged the crowd to take chances and live like Harrell did.

"We should strive to live our lives with no regrets, a passion to make others happy and always seek adventure," Walters said.

Although the stories were different, each shared a common theme of her generosity, loving spirit and willingness to help others. 

The pain of her passing still raw as her father Mike read a letter written by her brother Maddux.

"The best 17 years, 10 months and 11 days of my life were when my sister was alive," he read. 

He finished by urging the crowd to "charge on" in honor of Harrell when things aren't perfect in life.

"When you're having a bad day in class or in school, you know? Charge on," he said.

Much of the crowd wore bright colors. This was by Harrell's request, according to her mother. Just another representation of her positive spirit and personality.

While her light continues to shine in heaven, her family and friends say they hope her spirit will encourage others to do good deeds and live their life to the fullest.

"Live like London," Dick Childress, a family friend, said. "Go do for others; it's what she did. She cared about everybody and we can all learn that lesson, never get too old to learn that."