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New Darla Moore School Open for Business

It's Been Nearly 3 Years In The Making, and The New Darla Moore School Of Business On Usc's Campus Is Now Open.
Credit: WLTX
The new Darla Moore School of Business open courtyard.

The designers at Rafael Vinoly say's that the state's tree was a huge inspiration to them when putting together the design for the Darla Moore School of Business. Andera Lamberti is a partner with the architectural company based out of New York say's that they wanted everything about the building to flow together.

" The new building is all about organizing functions logically, so that students and faculty can reach each another very easily. It's all about using light too and basic orientation booths on the site, so that people can be oriented and find there way in the building. So that there's greater sense of community", said Lamberti.

The structure has glass windows allow visitors to see into the buildings on the main level and a roof top area where students can relax. Senior Phillip Williams says there is sense of togetherness

"I would say one thing that all of our classes are on the first floor now, so it is a lot easier to see people that you know and easier to see your friends", said Williams.

He also say's, it could take some time getting used to.

"I really like it, it's a lot nicer than the old building. It's really weird though because it's different and I am accustom to the old building. I kind of felt like a freshman walking around not knowing where my classes where. But it's cool, I'm getting used to realizing where everything is and figuring it out", said Williams.

Peter Brews is the Dean of the bushiness school and say's the building is a plus to for community.

"Be very proud of it. If you are from Columbia, come and see it. If you are a business from around here, come and visit us. We've got places where you can do remarkable events in, if you want, and it's a wonderful symbol for 21st century business coming out of Columbia">