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Swearing parrots removed from UK wildlife park

Polly said what?

ENGLAND, UK — A lot of us have joked about teaching parrots bad words to mess with our parents or friends. Well, it actually happened at a wildlife park in the U.K. and visitors weren't impressed. 

Five parrots have been removed from their exhibits because they've been swearing too much. 

They had just arrived at the park in August. Officials tell the BBC they heard them curse before they were added to the exhibit, and hoped they'd "kick the habit". 

Well, that didn't happen. 

The parrots "swear to trigger a reaction or a response." The park's executive explained that when people would look shocked or laugh, the parrots would continue to swear. 

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park added a new photo - at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

He says some visitors found it funny, but with kids visiting on the weekends, they decided to move them. 

The birds are being moved around, hoping they will learn new words, and won't teach the 250 other birds those words. 

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